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The easy bits

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

So I've written the easy methods and functions of the profile module wrapper hprofile today. Including their unittests.

Tomorrow starts the harder work, the Profile.calibrate code. Maybe I shouldn't be too optimistic about how far I'll get with it. For what it's worth, here my current ideas of how to do this:

  • calibrate() does roughly the same as the old one. Retruns the bias, i.e. delay of function call overhead.
  • Whenever the bias is set save this in the profile file as "extra info"
  • When reading the stats, modify the values by this bias
  • The biggest question is at the last point. Should I subclass the hstats.Stats class to do this or make it a feature in the class itself? The question is really if the bias will be significant or not when using hotshot. If it is I should probably move this calibration stuff to the hstats and hotshot modules. But I'm sort of trying to postpone changes to hotshot as much as possible.

    I don't really want to change too much to hotshot since I'm not sure how good it is to change the standard library and, most importantly, if the changes will be accepted in the stdlib. It will be a bit annoying to have to distribute a separate hotshot copy, also a maintenance pain since python doesn't use distributed version control...

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