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Cleaning up?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

So last time I said I wasn't happy with hstats. Maybe that was a bit impulsive, but still valid. Kent Johnson kindly pointed out for me that was the wrong attitude. Maybe he's right (read: yeah, of course he's right), but it is still painfull for me to follow his advice.

But again, I can't decide. However I have some text file somewhere (under control of an application I don't really like, gjots2) which does have some ideas about what should maybe change in hstats. This should stop me from forgetting what I was thinking that needed doing. It is only so hard to create The Right Design(tm). That was my motivation to postpone it, I hope to get a better idea of what it should look like while I'm using it. However now I'm confronted with Kent's statement, which I fear it true:

Fix it now. There's never time to go back and clean it up later.

The argument that nothing depends on it yet weights too of course. I guess I'll have to get my mind round it and get on with fixing it. Only I fear of getting the same situation again next month and think it's a bad solution again.

Or maybe all this ranting of mine is because I'm having a bad day. The work on hpstats hasn't really been moving along the last few days due to various reasons, that doens't help either. Guess I'll see tomorrow what I'll do.

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