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One FIXME down...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Profile.calibrate() now uses the correct timer instead of just the default timer (time.time()). In fact it still uses this timer when the user did not specify a specific timer (and why really would anyone want this? Appart form making me work one or two weeks more in the last two months.), since both _hotshot and time.time() use gettimeofday() for this. Only when the user requested a timer this timer is used now. Which is fair enough.

The last FIXME is the one where the line events from _hotshot are not used when reading the log file in hstats. Since this functionality is not needed in hpstats to emulate pstats I skipped it. And I still plan on skipping it (in favour of that damn uni work). I still removed the FIXME though. I agree that's quite cheecky, but I made a line event raise a NotImplementedError and documented this as such in the docstring. Hope that covers it.

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