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Friday, September 01, 2006

Upstart is a new sysvinit replacement that Ubuntu wants to use. Scott James Remnant explained before it is innovating in that it is events based. Now he writes more about it, and one quote is this:

So what are events and where do they come from? (Note that this part is under development, so may change in later releases).

What? So this is the fundamental basic idea where everything is build around and you're not yet sure how it works? Scary.

Not that I'm against it all (but I also don't think it'll be the best solution for everything), it fairly intresting and I'm sure there is lots to be learned before you get it perfected. But I find it a bit ambitious that they want to use it by default in Edgy, the next Ubuntu release.

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Anonymous said...

I one had success with using recover and e2undel. Both can undelete files on ext2/ext3 paritions.

Unknown said...

It is the bit between brackets in the quote that made me say this. The fact they're not sure yet and that it may change during development. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

Scott James Remnant said...

We're trying to avoid the trap of designing too much up front, without any idea of what we actually need things for.

For the initial replacement of initscripts, we know that we don't need much beyond the ability to sequence jobs and that simple string events are adequate for that.

When it comes to taking events from other parts of the system ("ac power", "battery low", etc.) in edgy+1, we may find we need to extend or change it.

Consider it a cautionary evolutionary design principle, rather than "intelligent design" :)

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