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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yes, I've contributed to the masses of music players out there. It is pleasantly easy using python and the pygtk and pygst modules.

But why yet an other music player? Well it is, intentionally, increadably simple.

  • No library. Just a simple list of files, played sequentially.
  • No metadata. If you just want to play a few random files, why would you care about the metadata?
  • Simple interface. It's very boring but fits in with GTK or GNOME app quite nicely.
  • No bells or wistles. Seriously I want to listen to a few files, not have a visualisation, equaliser, unreadable skin or OMG such a cool gadget etc.

Basically, anything that the player doesn't do is done better by other applications (for me that is Ex Falso / Quod Libet).

Here the obligatory screen shot, so you can see it's boringness in all it's glory. Realy, there is nothing more about it then you can see.

This doesn't mean there is no room for improvement obviously. Mostly usability. It could do with a slider, pause functionality, a column with file duration, a context menu, delete-key binding, ... There is an endless list (writing GUI apps is so troublesome!). Just functionality wise it will stay very limited.

On the off chance that someone is also interested in this thing, just tell me. I'll gladly make the source available under some free license, it's rather tiny right now with one glade file and one python file of 270 lines of code. I just don't expect someone else will be interested in this ;-).

PS: Yes, that screenshot contains a typo, some things you just don't notice until you create a screenshot...

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Corey Goldberg said...

very cool. perhaps not the end-all music player, but a good exercise in Python none-the-less. As a Python hacker I find it quite interesting,

perhaps you can put the source on Google Code?

Anonymous said...

Nice. I use muine for my casual listening. It's similar to what you've mentioned but has a interface to load up your music. Try it sometime.

Calvin Spealman said...

I have been getting really fed up with winamp crashing and loosing all my podcasts. Considering a very simple podcast listener, and I think this looks like a good base, if you are opening it.

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