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Capable Impressive System Crippled OS

Friday, September 14, 2007

That's my new acronym for cisco. Seriously, I did expect a learning curve for IOS when I was ordering a cisco 877W, but this is just disappointing.

No doubt IOS was once very amazing and had a very nice and clear concept and interface to the first few products it was made for. But right now it just looks like something that has been patched too many times to keep up with current technology and it seems like it has lost it's concept/religion/design/architecture a while ago. And to top it off the documentation has exactly the same problems.

It just makes me sad, as I know the thing is very capable and is an amazing piece of hardware. Hasn't anyone ported a linux or minix to it? That would be cool. Maybe I should have bought something that could run openWRT or so instead, oh well - too late.

Friday, September 14, 2007 |


Unknown said...

Since it sounds like your not familiar with Cisco products you may want to avoid using the command line interface. It takes a while to get familiar with it. It's very powerful but it not really for anyone other than network specialist and those who can afford to put in the serious amount of time into learning it.

So you may want to just use the Cisco SDM software. If it did not come with the router use the link below to find out more info on the software and to download it. I don't know why Cisco often sells their low end equipment without providing these utilities with the product. They just seam to expect everyone is familiar with their equipment and will just go to the web site to download the useful utilities.

Unknown said...

I did try SDM and SDM express, it's even worse IMHO. Same lack of concepts overview and hides what it is doing completely. After trying out SDM I just reset the entire thing and started over only using the CLI. At least I now know exactly what it does.

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