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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Creating a Facebook group to complain about the UK ID cards because:

[...] An ID card would hold ALL personal information about you including biometrics, hospital records etc etc., a perfect target for ID thieves. [...]

And you're doing this on Facebook?

Mild improvement for movie industry

Monday, January 21, 2008

Until now every time I bought a DVD I found a few scary and angry leaflets in the box telling me how insanely bad I might be for buying pirated DVDs. They usually convince you that you are the worst person in the world for no particular reason. So just like I feel like I'm treated as a criminal when having to see trailers of the same genre at the cinema or have to take of my shoes at the airport, I hate having to open a DVD case and see those silly slogans.

Today however I opened a DVD case and instead got a nice and friendly looking leaflet (almost as relaxing as "Don't Panic" compared to the normal leaflets) congratulating me for buying a genuine DVD. I have to say I find it still disappointing that they feel like having to put in such a leaflet, but it's definitely more customer friendly this way: I don't get to feel bad.

If only now they would make them region free and not content scramble the disk (as I'm still about to break the law by watching my genuine DVD in a few minutes) I would actually start to believe they started listening to their customers.

Rock climbing in Costa Daurada

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Just spent a long week sport climbing in Costa Daurada. We stayed in a house (with about 32 students and ex-students) near the village of Cornudella de Montsant which was an excellent location really close to Siurana and Arboli. Absolutely brilliant climbing and although my brain wanted to stay a lot longer my body seems quite glad to have some rest.

If you like sport climbing it is definitely a recommended place. Great times.

Updated omniORB in Debian

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A while ago Thomas Girard started the Debian CORBA Team with the aim of maintaining omniORB and related packages in Debian. After a lot of work (and time!) we managed to get the packages of up to date versions in a good state fixing almost all bugs in Debian's BTS. And thanks to Thomas' hard work he managed to upload working packages of omniORB and omniORBpy (omniorb4 and python-omniorb respectively) just before Christmas (I'm only blogging this now since I was on holiday since then).

The only issue is that they're only available in unstable and not yet in testing. There seems to be an issue with omniidl segfaulting on ARM. Unfortunately I haven't got an ARM platform available to debug on, Thomas however had already a quick look and it thinks it looks like a stack frame corruption. Hopefully we'll find this problem sooner rather then later, just frustrating that I can't really do much about it.

Lastly this means that if you where using the packages that I put up on a (long) while ago you shouldn't use them anymore, instead you should fetch the packages in Debian's sid.

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