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(O)OXML and ISO voting processes

Friday, April 11, 2008

Many have recently complained about ISO's voting processes, mainly how they need to be revised as currently it seems it's possible to buy yourself a standard given enough lobbyist and money.

But part of this is ISO's trust in ECMA. ISO allows ECMA to submit standards for the fast-track process because it trusts it to approve good standards. If OXML (as it seems to be called now it's approved, formerly OOXML) was indeed such a bad standard (which I don't doubt personally) then ISO should maybe review it's relationship with ECMA too?

This is only a tiny part of the picture obviously, but one I haven't seem mentioned elsewhere.

Friday, April 11, 2008 |


Florian said...

ooxml just made it obvious to everybody:

- You can buy any standard given enough money, lobbies, corruption and greed
- ecma is obsolete and corrupt
- iso is obsolete and corrupt

Given that iso/ecma are demonstratably dead now, it's about time to create *real* standard bodies, isn't it?

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