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FreeBSD on Virtualbox

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Virtualbox is my desktop virtualisation technology of choice most of the time and I wanted to have a play with FreeBSD. Seems they don't get along tough and you won't get a network connection.

  • Solution 1: Change the network adaptor in Virtualbox to PCnet-PCI II (instead of PCnet-PCI III). I've tried this and it works.
  • Solution 2: I haven't tried this.

While we're on the subject, when running the Ubuntu 8.10 server jeos edition on Virtualbox don't forget to enable PAE in Virtualbox or you get to do a kernel dance using the resque mode of the installer.

Saturday, January 31, 2009 |


Patrick Cormier said...

VirtualBox is also my virtualization platform of choice. I had a lot of trouble trying to install FreeBSD until lately. I guess that the new version (2.1.2) corrected most of the issues I had because it works nicely now. I created a new VM and kept the default settings. The network adapter is the "Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop".

Unknown said...

I should probably have mentioned that I'm using Virtualbox 1.6.6 and FreeBSD 7.1 in this case. Works like a charm though, after fixing the network.

fizk said...

Solution 1 didn't work for me.

Host: Ubuntu Jaunty, Virtual Box 2.2.2
Guest: FreeeBSD 7.0

I'd appreciate any help! Thanks,

Anonymous said...


I've been using Virtualbox 2.2.2 and freebsd 6.2 as my virtualization platform while PCNet-II as my virtual NIC driver. But somehow, network on freebsd guest keeps hanging there intermittently. You will have to "config interface down/up" to bring it back.

Should I update freebsd to 7.1 version?
Now I switch to "Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop", checking if this driver could save the world.

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